#GoGreen Blogs: Talent Acquisition Poland – Meet the People Behind the People!

If you’ve applied for a job at Groupon in Warsaw or in Katowice you certainly met one of the members of our Recruitment Team! Learn more about the Recruiter’s job in our company and find out what it’s like to hire talents for Groupon!

Hi – Tell us a bit about yourself! How did you come to work in Recruitment at Groupon?

Olimpia Kicielińska, Recruiter in Warsaw

OLIMPIA: I am a graduate of Diplomacy – yes, Diplomacy. Of course becoming a Recruiter happened „by accident” – during my last year of study I started working as a Recruitment Assistant for a recruitment agency, and 4 years later – here I am! I had worked for many companies since then – the first one was the agency where I would work for the well-known brands like Google, 3M, Amazon or Volvo. Then I moved to internal HR in an IT-related company which was developing games and so Groupon is my third stop on my journey so far!

Gosia Cichy, Recruiter in Warsaw

GOSIA: I’m the recruiter-dinosaur and the longest-serving member of the team here at Groupon Poland! I started back in 2015 when we launched the Warsaw Shared Services Center in 2015. Since then our team has grown into the Talent Acquisition Team in EMEA meeting huge targets every month!


Nisrine Karim, Recruitment Team Lead for Warsaw & Katowice

NISRINE: I have done quite a few things from psychology to marketing, but recruitment has always been a passion for me. I moved from Casablanca to lead the Team in Poland and help build our awesome fresh new Katowice site.

Ola Toczyska, Recruiter in Warsaw

OLA: As for me, I acquired my first experience in recruitment at Korn Ferry Futurestep recruitment agency, where I worked with the German and UK markets. I’ve also worked at Antal, another recruitment agency where I learned a lot about the SSC/BPO sector, experience which is really useful for me at Groupon now.  As the German-speaking Recruiter at Groupon, I support hiring for all German-speaking departments (Customer Service, Resolution & Merchant Services, Editorial, Risk and more), but I also work with IT roles as well as other languages.

Ewelina Szymańska, Senior Recruiter in Warsaw

EWELINA: I was planning to become a journalist most of my life and so I graduated from University of Warsaw with a degree in journalism, specialising in PR, media marketing and illustrated magasines editing. I did an Erasmus exchange in Finland learning from international colleagues and took up postgraduate studies in sports journalism, so no change of course had been planned back then 🙂 My roles have involved building strong relationships and good writing skills and I have always been very much interested in the HR area. In all of my previous jobs I’ve always been partly responsible for recruitment. I remember that when I went to one of my interviews as a candidate I noticed how the questions that my Recruiter asked me were totally irrelevant for the position she was considering me for. I thought that I should be the Recruiter instead! 🙂 At Groupon I’m responsible for Corporate roles, which include Sales, Analytics, Finance, Operations and I help the Team with SSC recruitment every once in a while.

Angelika Antos, Recruiter in Katowice

ANGELIKA: My name is Angelika and I am 25 years old.  I am a young professional who is constantly looking for new challenges and opportunities to grow. Groupon definitely is the place that allows me a lot of these challenges ☺ I am doing my best to blend academic knowledge in human resources management with hands-on experience in recruitment and it’s played out very well in my experience at Groupon so far!

Marlena Szewczyk, Recruiter in Katowice

MARLENA: My name is Marlena and together with Angelika I’m part of the Katowice Team! I lived in Hertfordshire, England for the past 12 years, but decided to move back to Poland quite recently upon receiving this amazing opportunity from Groupon in Katowice! I’ve been working within recruitment for 2 years and I’m very interested to develop within the area. My job as the Recruiter for our lovely Katowice office is to make the candidate experience as great as possible, in order to find the right gems that will shine like diamonds in our company.

What do you do? What are the everyday elements of your work? Which do you enjoy the most?
OLA: At Groupon we are responsible for the end-to-end recruitment process, which means that we start with discussing the business needs with our internal stakeholders, post the recruitment ads and search for the right candidates through phone and face-to-face interviews. We then extend offers and prepare our new colleagues for their for onboarding by walking them through what their first few days at Groupon will look like. It sounds like a lot of work but I really love being able to tell a candidate that they were successful and that we want to offer them a job. You can tell they really can’t wait to join Groupon!

wawteam4EWELINA: Me too, my favourite moment is when I’ve just offered a successful candidate a job at Groupon and I can hear loud and clear (even though we are talking over the phone) that they are truly happy and I made their day! ☺ Now that’s empowering!
GOSIA: I started as an intern over 3 years ago and now I’m responsible for recruiting for a variety of roles in SSC for both our sites: Katowice and Warsaw. My everyday work is dealing with many people outside the organization (candidates) but also inside (Team Leader and Managers, local HR Teams, IT Teams, basically everyone!). What I enjoy the most is working with my Team and with internal clients in all departments.
OLIMPIA: Some of you might be surprised but conducting interviews is just a small part of our job. A recruiter’s life is also full of reports, meetings and deadlines as well. What I like the most about my role is that small part where you can meet people or in my case – see them develop inside Groupon!
NISRINE: I’m responsible for  the overall recruitment process for both our Poland sites. I am not directly engaged in the face-to-face recruiting, but manage forecasting, budget, planning, work allocation etc – kind of like ‘in the shadows’. Basically, lots of meetings and calls.

“An average day? Cup of tea, chat, emails, interviews, meetings… then rinse and repeat!”

What has been your most interesting interview/ conversation/ experience in your recruitment career?
EWELINA: On one occasion a candidate told me that the interview feedback I was sharing had really helped her figure out where she wanted to go with her career. After we analysed her profile, she realised her strengths lay in customer service, rather than sales, and while she didn’t get the job she was still very grateful that I had helped her understand the kind of job she really would excel at. She was actually very happy that she hasn’t received the offer, because if she had, she’d probably accept it without thinking it through.
GOSIA: For me, the most interesting experience was moving to Katowice where I was introduced to a new market. As a recruiter it’s very valuable to be able to compare the market there to Warsaw and also to have the opportunity to work on a brand new ‘green field site’ being built from scratch.
NISRINE: Hiring for senior technical positions is always a fun challenge. You have to learn as much as you can about the job, or the candidate might get offended that you did not do your homework and hang up on you!

TA sometimes gets asked really odd questions, like “have you a case for my laptop?” or “where is my delivery?”


What is your superpower?
EWELINA: My colleagues at work would tell you that it’s my optimistic attitude towards work and people, regardless of the impossible targets we need to deliver to the chasing Managers we work with ☺ My friends would mention my ability to get along with a 7-year old as well as a 70-year old. My loved ones say I have some great Japanese traits: my analyses are based on cold logic and I quickly put myself together to full productivity in the face of a distaster.
GOSIA: We can deal with everything. Impossible is nothing!
OLIMPIA: My colleagues would probably say it is Excel and everything analytical within the Team. My friends always say that I can just take a quick look at a person and know quite a lot about them (that qualifies to Recruiter skills I guess..) I, personally, think that my superpower is planning (events, work, absolutely anything)… I plan and plan and plan and I really love it! Try to go on the trip with me, you’ll hate that. I’m the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Monica ☺
NISRINE: I can guess someone’s height from a picture (sitting down) and I am good at conflict resolution!
OLA: I speak German ☺
MARLENA: My superpower is having a personality similar to a duck – being calm on the surface and hustling like crazy, getting things done under the surface!
ANGELIKA: My superpower is multitasking. I am not only recruiting super-agents but also IT developers, which is extra magic for me ☺


Why do you like working in Groupon?
ANGELIKA: I love Groupon! I love the way we take care of employees and that the company gives many opportunities for people who want to gain experience in their field of interest. I can be myself at work and that’s the thing I really appreciate in a job!
EWELINA: I’d say the lack of the traditional corporate hierarchy: I love how everyone at Groupon can just come up to the Managing Director and tell them about their idea to improve something and will be listened to regardless of their seniority in the company or previous experience! If you have a great idea – execute it and we’ll help you to brush it up! ☺
GOSIA: For me it’s the people: my Team. It’s just something unique. You can work in similar company in the same position, but you cannot copy-paste the people.
OLA: Again: it’s all fun because of the people, because of the atmosphere and because of the Christmas tree with Styrofoam snow in December! ☺


What are your plans for the future?
NISRINE: For me it’s definitely a plan to learn Polish and keep building and improving Groupon’s recruitment processes.
MARLENA: My long-term goals involve growing within the company, where I can continue to learn, take on additional responsibilities and contribute as much value as I can. I love how Groupon emphasizes professional development opportunities. I certainly intend to take advantage of all of these!
EWELINA: I’m planning to develop the Green Empire so that there isn’t enough space for us in Millennium Plaza and Supersam (our buildings in Warsaw and Katowice) ☺


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