#GoGreen Blogs: meet Kamil, a CS Agent in Katowice with a thing for cinematography

I like the people and the fun we have in the office, even if we are working on something serious, we can do it in a cool way!

You’ve joined Groupon in Katowice as one of the first Agents – how has your time at Groupon been over these past months?
It’s amazing, I have to say I love the people, I love the challenges, love the mood and the way we work. Not mentioning the office space. It definitely is not boring, there is ALWAYS someone around the corner to talk with, it’s electrifying.

Kamil Zabiegała, Customer Service Representative in Katowice

Tell us something about yourself we don’t yet know!
I’m just a guy like any other – head full of ideas and creativity. I love the cinema, Chris Nolan, and my dream is making such great movies some day. Beside that, my hobbies are computer graphics, photography, creative writing.

And what made you decide to apply for a job @Groupon?
Corn flakes and fruits of course. But seriously – working in a big company is a really great place to be, chatting and talking to people is a cool thing, and when I saw some photos of Groupon offices on the web, it amazed me how great it must be to work with so many people. Oh, and I love Katowice 😀

Is there anything that surprised you @Groupon?
Certainly the positive mood and generally high energy of people around here.

What is your job about?
Helping people! It sounds simple, but happens to be more complicated. We use chat and email to respond to our customers queries whenever they have problems enjoying their purchase on Groupon website.

deskWhat is the funniest conversation you’ve had with a customer so far?
There are many customers with positive energy. I guess the one with customer trying to comfort me for denying his refund will always be the most fun one.

It’s now actually almost 200 people in the Katowice office. How do you think Groupon is affecting the local job market? 
I’m sure it’s positive – from my own experience! Big companies are needed, they help a lot of people to make life easier. As for Groupon, we also make life less boring 🙂

What is your superpower?
Being like a kid all the time! 🙂

What do you like the most about @Groupon so far?
People and the fun we have in the office, even if we are working on something serious, we can do it in a cool way! I’m totally buying it!

Do you have any advice for people thinking about joining Groupon?
If you like making friends and facing challenges, don’t wait until tomorrow, just apply!


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