#GoGreen Blogs: Meet Olivia, a Polish-Italian cat lover who happens to be the 100th employee at Groupon Katowice!

We work hard, but we always have the support of our supervisors and our colleagues. There is time for work and for chilling out!

Olivia, you are Groupon’s 100th hire in Katowice! We’re curious to learn about you, so tell us a little bit about yourself!
I’m a cat lover. In my free time I like reading crime stories and cooking Italian dishes. My lucky number is 18. I love summer, sun and Rome.

olivia (3)
Olivia Torresani, Customer Service Representative for Italian market

And what made you decide to apply for a job @Groupon?
My boyfriend told me Groupon was recruiting, he was the one who encouraged me to prepare a CV, so I did and I sent it… It’s been two days and… I was in Groupon! I wasn’t looking for a job, a job found me!

You’ve only been here a couple of weeks so far. What are your first impressions? Is there anything that surprised you @Groupon?
The office space makes a great first impression, and people: everyone is smiling and helpful!

Which is your favourite room in Groupon Katowice?
Chillout room of course!

We’re growing at an extremely fast pace here in Katowice. What do you think about how Groupon has affected the local job market?
Groupon is a great option not only for students but also people looking for full-time jobs. We have the opportunity to gain experience and cooperate in international teams. This is very important and helpful in developing our skills. We work hard, but we always have the support of our supervisors and our colleagues. There is time for work and for chilling out. All this in the heart of Katowice!

100th employee swagbag!

What do you like the most about @Groupon so far?
The list is long, but the highlight is definitely the friendly atmosphere, open-minded people, and a slot machine with a GREEN Ice Tea! I feel very good here.

Do you have any advice for people thinking about joining Groupon?
If you like challenges (not only in terms of work, but also… PlayStation, Xbox, ping-pong ;)) and looking for a place where you can grow Groupon is for you!

Any holiday plans?
I do not know, maybe some Flash Deal or Market Pick? 🙂


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