#GoGreen Blogs: What’s it like to work in Groupon Katowice?

Martyna Sochacka, Customer Service Representative @Groupon SSC Katowice
Interviewed by Bianka Kiełbasa

Getting started on the #GrouponLife series, we are happy to introduce you to the stories of Groupon’s employees in our Polish offices in Katowice and Warsaw. Check out for more interviews soon!

You are one of the very first employees who started within the Katowice bunch. How has your time at Groupon been so far?
Working at Groupon brings both challenges and excitement. But even though sometimes it’s a little bit hard, I can say that I enjoy working here.

Tell us a little bit about yourself!
I graduated from two universities – University of Economics in Katowice and WSF in Wrocław. I have master degree in English and bachelor degree in international business. I’m outgoing, friendly and ambitious person who loves challenges. During my free time I love watching TV series and reading books about self-development and psychology. I am kind of a nerd because I like learning new stuff.

And what made you decide to apply for a job @Groupon?
I decided to apply to Groupon because I was already a customer and I knew the company from deals that I bought. I was looking for a job where I will have opportunities to use English and meet new people from around the world. So when I saw the offer from Groupon I wasn’t thinking too much.

 Martyna3„Be prepared for hard work, but also remember that there is time to chill out. Don’t be scared, new challenges are good.”

Is there anything that surprised you @Groupon?
The atmosphere, approach to people. Everyone is friendly and helpful. It is my first full time job and after hearing from my friends how it looks like I was ready to work under really high pressure with boss always watching and waiting for mistakes. Groupon is completely different and that is why it is a special work place.

What is your job about?
I am a customer service representative. I deal with daily issues our customers have, trying to help them figure out what to do when something is not as good as it is supposed to be.

What is the funniest conversation you’ve had with a customer so far?
Every customer is different. I had one that was ending each sentence with “lol”. The other one was ending each sentence with name. But I haven’t yet had a customer that literally made my day. I am still waiting.


It’s almost 100 people in the Katowice office now. What do you think about how Groupon is going to affect the local job market?
We have a lot to offer. So many new job offers, perfect location and opportunity to have part-time job, I encourage my friends to join the company. A lot of people after graduation, like myself, are looking for a job where they can actually do something. The market is really hard to deal with especially when you don’t have much experience. Groupon helps those who are looking for their first job (but not only those!).

Tell us, Martyna, what is your superpower?
Sometimes, I speak 3 languages at the same time. I speak Polish (of course), English and Korean and I have tendency to mix them up randomly.

coffeeWhat do you like the most about working @Groupon so far?
Atmosphere, mornings with cornflakes and milk, and limitless access to coffee.

Do you have any advice for people thinking about joining Groupon?
My advice is be prepared for hard work, but also remember that there is time to chill out. Don’t be scared, new challenges are good.

Any holiday plans?
So far I don’t have plans. I am sure I will go to Energylandia with friends (hope that Groupon will have it on the platform :P) and then maybe spontaneous trip somewhere.